I'm not gonna sugar coat it. I'm kind of mad about this. They wasted everyone's time and asked the public to vote on the name of the Midland Library. With recent events, people voted to name the Library after a fallen officer. It makes sense right? Apparently not to the powers that be. I'm honestly shocked. I was mad about a lot of things going on in Midland before. This was a small thing in the grand scheme of things but it was the last slap in the face. We can't build new schools, but we can rebuild Denis the Menace park and build a new park downtown? We can't try to get housing for teachers but we can rebuild roads that don't need it, while ignoring potholes in roads that have been there for ages? I wish more people were more active in local government. Local first. National last. That's the way we should prioritize but sadly, very few people think that way. I've provided a link below from the MRT to give a less opinionated/more fact driven breakdown.

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