The Beyond the meat challenge happened! Find out if Joanna and Buzz were fooled by the faux meat burger. There has been a lot of media talk about the Beyond the meat burger, the faux meat burger that it seems everyone has been dying to try! We decided to grab a few and test out Joanna and Buzz to see if they were fooled by the burger. Carl's Jr is just one of many fast-food giants that are now serving up this vegetarian goodness to their loyal customers.

Vegetarians and vegans are raving about how delicious the burger is and the sales are saying the same thing! Burger King has seen their sales double since introducing their version the Impossible Whopper to their stores and the demand is so high it has been outstripping the supply of the product. Now, there are talks that KFC and McDonald's are also to looking to add their own versions to their menus. The closest fast food restaurant with the burger is Carl's Jr. so we decided to take theirs out for a test drive. Check out the video above to see how well they did.


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