There are plenty of beautiful birds you can see in the wild all over the United States. Texas is home to many of them, including Gret blue herons, Green jays, Cattle egrets, Lazuli buntings and more. One bird that isn't native to the Lone Star state is the flamingo, but there's a lone pink fowl that's making the state its home.

Back in 2005, a flamingo was moved into a Kansas State Zoo but only a few days after moving into its new home the flamingo made a break for it. Since then, there have been sightings of the runaway bird in Texas along with Louisiana, Wisconsin and other states. Scientists aren't sure if the bird is migrating through the state of Texas or if it lives permanently living in the Lone Star state. What they do know is that the flamingo has found the climate of Texas to its liking. Recently, Texas Parks and Wildlife spotted the flamingo off the coast of Texas and posted a photo of the bird on their Facebook page.

No word on where the bird is now but keep your eyes open if you ever head to the Texas coast, there may e a flamingo flying around.

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