The following is the official statement of KLAQ and Townsquare Media regarding the absence of Buzz Adams:

Wednesday evening (Aug. 16), Buzz Adams, host of the popular Buzz Adams Morning Show, was involved in an accident on a motorized bicycle. Buzz suffered serious, but not life-threatening, facial injuries. The necessary repair and recovery period will keep Buzz off the air indefinitely. In the meantime, the Buzz Adams Morning Show will feature some golden moments from recent shows. The remaining show cast, Lisa Sanchez, Brandon Coates, Joanna Barba, along with the various cast of characters who regularly appear on the show, will supply the audience with the latest, news, Rock News, Hollywood Buzz, and the usual shenanigans. We wish Buzz a speedy recovery and you can expect regular updates while the world awaits his return sometime in the not too distant future.

When asked how he was feeling, Adams filled his bedpan and replied: "(mumble mumble mumble)"

Lisa Sanchez wished her co-host well, adding, "I was afraid he was in a mid-life crisis until I heard it was a motorized bicycle."

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