So you know I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, but did you know all of the struggles us GOT fans face?! Check out my Top 10 list!

  • 1

    HBO GO-Enough said

  • 2

    7 episodes? Really??!?!?

  • 3

    Watching GOT with friends who talk during the show-Dewd! Shut the f*&%$ up Dani is laying down some salt!

  • 4

    Watching GOT with friends who say that they're caught up but they ain't!

  • 5

    Talking sh*t to anyone who doesn't watch GOT

  • 6

    Convincing anyone who doesn't watch GOT to WATCH GOT!

  • 7

    Deciding which character you wouldn't mind dying, because let's face it, we're gonna lose someone.

  • 8

    Figuring out how many days a week is too many to wear the "I drink and I know things" shirt you live in.

  • 9

    The year long wait between seasons (I mean obviously)

  • 10

    Not giving spoilers when your lame friends who don't watch the episode live are around.

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