This coming Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones has been leaked! The episode, in its entirety AND in high definition, was accidentally posted on-line by HBO Spain. We're predicting millions of lost man-hours across the globe today as GoT fans hide for an hour in their cubicle and watch the leaked episode using their earbuds so they don't get caught by management. Why do we think that? Because that's exactly what we did!

Actually we hid in Buzz's studio and watched the leaked episode on the big screen (the quality is amazing). Also, we don't feel like we're doing anything wrong because we all pay for HBO. They've already cashed our check for this month so what does it hurt if we watch it a few days early?

Here's our reaction video. There ARE NO spoilers in this video. We were very careful. But, if you want to wait for the episode to air without knowing anything about it you'd better skip this video, snowflake!

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