Yesterday Tawny and I were heading to get a bite to eat when my neighbor flagged me down and asked me to grab my gun and do a sweep of his house with him because someone had just broken into his house. He actually caught someone in the act as he was coming home I'm not gonna lie, I love a good adrenaline rush so I was immediately in. As we were sweeping his house it became pretty obvious that this was not just a home break in. They absolutely TRASHED the house. It looked like a few kids broke in while he was out of town for the weekend and just drank and destroyed everything they could.  A few things were missing but not the most valuable things in the house. His guns were on the ground in the back yard and his TV was smashed. The morons left 2 backpacks belonging to a boy and a girl with their belongings in them along with 3 cell phones and a credit card.

If you know anything about the idiots responsible for this please contact the Midland Police. I don't mean for the sake f my neighbor either. People this sloppy and stupid breaking into houses in West Texas are going to get themselves killed and something about all of this makes me think it's most likely just a bunch of dumb kids looking for a thrill. I'm honestly afraid someone's son and daughter are going to get themselves shot.

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