Texans have been on the hunt looking for an elusive new, limited edition ice cream flavor from our favorite Lone Star creamery.

Everyone loves the month of February! January is finally over and one of the best holidays of the year is finally here! No, not the terrible Valentine's Day but Mardi Gras! The holiday has many amazing things including colorful beads, great music, elaborate masks and costumes and don't forget the delicious King cake! The delicious traditional dessert is a favorite among many in not only New Orleans, but with many who celebrate Fat Tuesday. So many Texans were excited when they saw that Blue Bell would be releasing a limited edition Mardi Gras King Cake flavor ice cream to celebrate the season.

But hearts all over the Lone Star state broke when they rushed to their local grocer to grab their own container of the limited edition tasty treat. They couldn't find it! According to Blue Bell, the Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream flavor is only available in Louisiana, and small parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. Many Blue Bell fans have now been on the hunt for the elusive ice cream flavor and they are reporting sites of the ice cream in various parts of Alabama like mobile and Texas including Brenham. Their Twitter has now been busy sifting through questions asking where it's available so fans can find it. They may be better off just putting on their website where it's located so they can stop responding the all the questions.

My question is, is there a little plastic baby in the ice cream tub?

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