With more rain in the forecast it's probably a good idea to make sure you have your home ready for all the things that come with storms.  The first thing I would suggest in regards to home preparation would be to wait until the beginning of June (if you can) before you start having your roof replaced or the dents in your car fixed. The weather in this area is so unpredictable it might be smart to see if there are anymore storms bringing hail on the way before you rush out and get everything fixed just to have to do it all over again. Claims related to wind and hail may not count against you but your insurance company does look to see how frequent and how long in between claims you waited until you made another.

Next you should probably make sure you don't have any existing leaks or storm related problems.  If you have a leak that you can fix to hold you over until the stormy season has passed (safely) then go ahead and take measures to do so.  Otherwise, have someone come out and take care of it immediately so that it doesn't get any worse and cause other problems.

Clean your eaves-trough.  Clean out the eaves-trough or gutters so that rainfall doesn't start to pool in troubled areas and cause problems. Make sure downspouts are pointed away from your homes foundation.

I wouldn't think I'd have to remind you to bring in anything outside that's valuable that you don't want to get damaged but you never know so yeah, do that. If you have a BBQ that you're particularly proud of and you don't want it getting soaked roll it under a covered area or store it in the garage until the weather starts to regulate.

Double check all your windows and doors to make sure there won't be seepage problems when and if the rain really starts to drop.  That kind of water can do a good deal of damage to window sills ect...

Prepare an emergency kit

Put together some stuff in case the power goes out or you need to leave your home quick.  Pack the kind of bags you would pack for days of overnight stay.  Get some water and candles out just in case. Make sure the flashlights have fresh batteries and dig out that old clock...not the one on your phone, they brown box you used to have sitting beside your bed.  You never know what could happen and what could come in handy after hours of no power.

Maker sure your kids know the drill for things like Tornados

Doc and I realized the other day that he and I both know what to do and what we will do when and if there is ever tornado warnings in the area but the kids may not so we went through the drill with them so they know exactly what to do if the time comes.

Be aware of your electrical and gas lines

Make sure you can easily turn off your electrical switch or panel is important to prevent potential electrocution if flooding makes it's way into wall outlets and electronics.

If you are in an area that required flood insurance coverage

First of all make sure you have it.  Then go ahead and take measure that will help out in the event there is a flood that breaches your home. Get all your valuables off the floor to prevent unnecessary water damage to items.  If you know heavy rain and possible flooding is on it's way go head and unplug all electronics.

Be Safe, Be Smart.

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