I think one of the hardest things about all this craziness is the fact that sports aren't playing anywhere. They shut down March Madness right in the middle of it. I'm not even a basketball fan, and I knew this meant bad things. XFL got shut down in the middle of the first season which sucked because I was really getting into it. However, there is still a place where you can at least watch old football games. I know it isn't quite the same but there are some plus sides. For example, I've not ONCE seen Superbowl 10. I've seen clips, but I've never actually watched the full on glory that is Bradshaw VS Staubach in full. You get a completely different feel when you watch the whole game with the original announcing.

NFL Network has a TON of games that you can now live stream for free. All you have to do is download the NFL app, and boom...you're good to go. I watched Superbowl 36 in full length and it was awesome. Elway VS Favre was one hell of a shoot out. I highly recommend watching that game in particular.

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