It's pretty crazy. All this time, this whole thing has seemed kind of unreal. I think like a lot of folks, I didn't originally take this seriously...or as seriously as I should have at least. Don't get me wrong. As things progressed, I began to see that maybe this is a bigger deal than the swine flu or the bird flu scares were. I mean, they shut down March Madness...IN MARCH! That for me was a big turning point. That's when I knew there had to be more to this than a over blown public scare. March Madness brings in a metric TON of money for our economy. They wouldn't have shut that down just for a minor threat. However, the fact remained that I never actually knew someone who'd had it...until now.

My friend Freddy is shut down at home after getting it from his friend Justin...who I also know. This stuff is no joke. It's basically 2 weeks of feeling bad enough that you really don't want to do anything but lay in bed, and that's for 2 healthy guys in their late 20's and early 30's. For young children and elderly people, I can only imagine how bad it is. I guess all I'm trying to say is, take care of yourselves and take this seriously. It spreads incredibly fast and I know the mortality rate is only 2%, but let's put that into perspective. The USA has 330 million citizens. If 2% die, that would equal more deaths in our country than Jewish people who died in the Holocaust. That's a lot of people. Don't panic, but take this seriously.

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