I just saw this headline pop up in my news feed on Facebook. There is only one reason I'd like to see this fight. People have been saying they should fight for years, which put bluntly, I think it is stupid. I don't think people actually realize how much bigger Anderson is than Conor. Conor struggled against Nate Diaz and went 1 and 1 with him. Anderson Silva is quite a bit bigger and more skilled than Nate Diaz, even not being in his prime. Let me just say this plain and clear. Conor has VERY little chance of beating Silva. I love both fighters, so it's not me playing favorites. I just don't think people really realize the true size difference between the two of them, and I don't think most people realize how much size really does matter in a fight. Professional fighting is required to have weight classes for a reason. A few of my friends like to say "Well Chris Weidman....blah blah blah." Chris Weidman would snap Conor in half like nothing. So, with all that said, the only reason I'd like to see this fight happen, is so people will finally shut up about it.

Even with Conor accepting the challenge, I don't think Dana will let it happen due to how ridiculous it is. Here's why in my opinion.There is only one realistic way for Conor to win. Freak Knock out...That's it. Judging from his fights with Nate, I just don't think McGregor has the power to knock the quite a bit bigger than Nate, Anderson Silva out. On the ground? Forget about it. Silva has him beat with his eyes closed. Decision? Maaaaaaaaaybe, but here's the problem with that. Conor is known for gettins gassed late in fights. Anderson, even now, doesn't get tired. Maybe you believe Conor has the power to pull off that knock out, judging by his past fights, there is nothing to prove that. He looked great against Cowboy, but I think that fight would have gone very different had it lasted past those first few moments...and again, keep size in mind. Even Cowboy isn't as big as Anderson. Cowboy fights at 170. That's 15 pounds less than Silva's normal fighting class and keep in mind, Silva has also fought at light heavyweight and didn't look small. Sure The Notorious and The Spider may be able to weigh in the same, but by the time they step into the octagon, Silva will have put back on a good 20 pounds or more. Is it possible for Conor to win? Anything is possible. However, the odds are stacked HEAVILY against him.



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