Apparently with everyone being stuck together at home looking for ways to spend thier time it seems we've all had the same idea. When things really start to heat up in west Texas most of us seek refuge at a water park/public swimming pool. This year no one was sure if the swimming pools would be open so we it seems we made do. If you're looking to buy an above ground pool right now just know it's not likely. Unless you're willing to settle for a blow up pool for toddlers you're gonna be sh*t outta luck. I've searched high and low, Target, Walmart, Sam's, even my beloved Amazon prime is out of above ground pools. There's been a run on all kinds of stuff that would help pass the time but this one on particular really got me upset. I get an aboveground pool every year for my son and I. It may be a new idea for everyone else but we've been doing since he was itty bitty. He's going to super disappointed when he finds out we're spending the summer in the toddler pool.

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