It's things like this that totally make up for the internet being a festering bog of filth.

Actually, it got me thinking about all of Donald Trump's hand gestures. I was aware he uses his hands a lot when he talks but I hadn't noticed HOW MUCH he does it. Maybe it's a New York thing. But, isn't it weird that a guy who's notoriously self-conscious about his hand size is always waving them around so much? You'd think he might keep them hidden away inside his pockets or at least held inconspicuously by his sides. But no...I think if he had to sit on his hands he might be rendered mute.

All this led me to another video that explains...and NAMES...all of Trump's various gesticulations.  Here, then, is a comprehensive guide to all of Donald J. Trump's hand gestures. From the "80s Cell Phone" to the "Hey! I know that guy!", they're all here. You might want to brush up before his term begins on Friday.

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