I know we have all had that job that truly hated and maybe you even stayed at that crappy job because you were trying to be responsible or you just didn't have the courage to just quit.

I am also sure that there are those of us who did have the courage and weren't worried about the responsibilities and were just generally not worried about tomorrow.

Yep, I was that guy!  LOL, I have no idea how many different types of jobs I had before I finally ended up in my calling, that's what I like to call it, lol, radio!

So to the point of this blog, the shortest time spent on a job, for me it was a thrilling three hour run as the fry guy at KFC, yep as soon as it was time for my scheduled lunch break, my day and career at KFC was officially over, sorry anyone that had to work harder because I decided that a future in frying chicken wasn't for me!

So how about you, what is your short job story?


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