We’ve got an exclusive song premiere from Arizona psychedelic rock / metal act With Our Arms to the Sun. The track, “Macrocosm - Prometheus,” comes from the band’s latest album, Orenda, which was produced by Melvins legend Buzz Osborne.

With Our Arms to the Sun come from the barren desert of Arizona, yet they’ve been making a lot of waves over the past few years. Having toured with Mushroomhead and guitar virtuoso John 5, along with landing a festival spot opening for Tool, Primus and Coheed & Cambria, the rock and metal world is beginning to take notice. One man who saw something special in the band is Buzz Osborne, who signed on to man the board for With Our Arms to the Sun’s new full-length.

“Working with With Our Arms to the Sun was refreshing,” says Buzz. “They were receptive to my ideas, which doesn’t always happen. They were incredibly hard workers, and I think the results speaks for themselves.”

With Our Arms to the Sun frontman Josh Breckenridge adds, “When we sat down with Buzz, it was a lot of refinement. Having somebody who’s made a zillion albums listen to the ideas and give suggestions was invaluable. He’s a pretty brilliant dude, and he had some really wonderful ideas. We pieced it together from there.”

The first single from Orenda, “Macrocosm - Prometheus,” is a powerful cut driven by soulful and introspective vocals, inventive percussion and hazy, atmospheric guitar work. “It looks at the microcosm and macrocosm dichotomy,” Breckenridge explains. “If you look at the universe and how huge it is, it’s this giant macrocosm. As human beings, we are a tiny microcosm of that macrocosm. Everything repeats itself in a beautiful outward pattern. The song is about the character coming to that realization he’s a piece of something bigger.”

With Our Arms to the Sun’s Orenda is scheduled for an April 21 street date, but if you pre-order the album now through the band’s Pledge Music page, you’ll receive an instant digital download of all 10 tracks.

Take a listen to our exclusive premiere of “Macrocosm - Prometheus” above and check out the details for Orenda below!

With Our Arms to the Sun, Orenda Album Art (CD / Vinyl)

Fade to Silence
Fade to Silence
Fade to Silence
Fade to Silence

With Our Arms to the Sun, Orenda Track Listing:

1. “Disdain - Why I Am”
2. “Memory - The Drift”
3. “Doorway to Clarity”
4. “Macrocosm - Prometheus”
5. “Doorway to Realization”
6. “Apex - 100 Year Dream”
7. “The War - Light the Shadows”
8. “Doorway to Ascension”
9. “Regret - Sailing Stones”
10. “Homebound - March of the Trees”

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