How many arrests would it take for someone to have a “rap sheet as long as your arm”, as the phrase goes?

(Taylor County Jail)
(Taylor County Jail)

I’m asking in the literal sense: How many arrests would it take to have an actual rap sheet (and ARE those actual things?) “as long as your arm?  A dozen? Fifteen or Sixteen?

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A man in Abilene, Jesus Guerra, was just arrested for the 153rd time. So, his rap sheet has got to be at least several arms long.

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

Mr. Guerra’s most recent arrest came after he was asked to leave Adventure Cove water park in Abilene. Park staff say they had told the man to leave after “witnessing him harass and offer alcohol to a group of underage girls” inside the park.

The story doesn’t specify Guerra’s age but in his arrest photo, he looks like he could be in his forties or even fifties. He COULD be as young as 36 but…that would be a ROUGH 36.

Abilene police say Guerra has had two convictions for public intoxication in the past 24 months.

How can somebody be arrested 152 times and STILL be out walking around, going to water parks, and harassing people? That’s what I always wonder when I hear about a story like this.

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Well, it looks like Mr. Guerra’s 152 arrests were MOSTLY for panhandling. So, he’s probably a guy with serious substance abuse (alcohol) problem whose addiction makes them a nuisance but hasn’t done anything “bad” enough to be sent away for a long time.

I’m thinking he’s the type of guy that EVERY member of Abilene Law Enforcement knows well. Kind of like Otis the drunk on the Andy Griffith show. I don’t remember Otis ever offering alcohol to underage girls, though.

In this most recent case, Guerra was given a bond of $120 and has since been released.

So, I guess, 154 won’t be too far off. Seriously, though, it sounds like this guy really needs to get some kind of help for his problems before somebody (even if it’s him) gets hurt.

It’s not like the sheriff and Deputy Fife was doing Otis Campbell any favors by locking him up every night. Otis needed an intervention and some help in dealing with his addiction.

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