A few weeks ago I gave you the top paying jobs in Midland and being that the two cities are just about 15 minutes apart, you would think the jobs would be the same, but they actually are not. These are the top 20 highest paying jobs in Odessa according to USA Wage. 

Here are is the list of the top 20 highest paying jobs in Odessa, Texas:

20. Medical and Health Service Managers $99, 570


19. General and Operations Managers $101,410

18. Management Analyst $101,690

17. Marketing Managers $103,380

16. Construction Managers $104,840

Rainer Elstermann

15. Electrical Engineer $105,680

14. Lawyers $107, 220

Ulf Wittrock

13.Nurse Practitioners $109


12.Administrative Services and Facilities Manager $109,550

11.Human Resource Managers $117,490


10.Physician Assistants $118,130


9. Computer and Information Systems Managers $118,430

8.Sales Managers $120,220

7.Petroleum Engineers $120,910

6.Geoscientist $123,130

5.Financial Managers $128,540


4.Industrial Production Managers $130,950

3.Pharmacists $139,370


2.Architechial and Engineering Managers $159,310


1. General Dentist $189,370



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