If you're a hairdresser I can already see the expression on your face as you read this... I dyed my hair pink for Halloween, I used the temporary (they're all temporary really) box dye from Walgreens knowing full well the color would fade quickly and I was all the way ok with that.  This picture was taken the first day I was able to dry and curl it so it looks ok. A few days ago I decided I was over it and instead of waiting a couple more weeks for it to fade I figured it would just get er done boys!  Well kids, it turns out Tawny isn't a hairdresser, who knew? I went to Walgreens and bought a box of a product called "Color Oops" because I read on the interwebs that it was just what I needed. For those of you who are reading and know anything about hair, you already have that look I was talkmg about earlier on your face. Can anyone guess what my hair looks like now? I want to see your guesses in the comments on this post. Oh and if you were at the house playing Magic the other night you can't cheat.