It's like a song. Up down up down up down... And I don't mean the volume-I mean the temperature. "Fall", as we like to describe it in the Permian Basin. That odd time of year when you start the day with frost on your car windows and a jacket--and then end it changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Overnights and mornings at 42 degrees, into 80-degree afternoons.  Then come the days where it doesn't warm up even into the '70s for a few days at a time. The best word to describe "Fall" here is INCONSISTENT. So you're much better off if you're planning a journey to visit this area for a few days to take in the sights and the museums and the art and the culture-save your money and come here in the summer. It's not like there are a plethora of colors that come with the change of season here in the fall like there are in places like Tennessee. It's pretty much brown with some pale green sprinkled in in places year-round.

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In the summer in the Midland-Odessa area--you not only get the unending breeze (wind) here that cools you off a bit from the near 100 degree temperatures-but you get many more days of continual sunshine vs damp rainy days. Meaning-if you're vacationing--PLENTY more pool time in the summer to enjoy. Just make sure you're bringing the sunscreen so you don't end up red as a lobster from the West Texas sun. There are people who love the fall and the Pumpkin Spice everything--which is fine. But if you're taking a trip where being outdoors is a goal--save your money and hit the coffee lines at home. Come see us when we can splash each other in the deep end!

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