We get an extra hour's sleep this weekend as Daylight Savings Time comes to an end Sunday morning at 2 am. That extra hour might not seem like much to some--but this writer is ready to sleep a little longer before that alarm goes off. The one sad part is that it'll also get darker earlier-but everything in life is a trade-off. Worst case scenario-if you forget and you end up an hour early for Church-at least you're on time.

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Just promise us one thing-you won't be one of these people who post the Cher meme on social media that says we turn the clocks ahead one hour.... Because we are, after all, turning BACK time, not moving it forward like we do in Spring. What always messes with me are the states that don't observe the time change like Arizona, who's in a different time zone. Right now they are two hours behind us-Sunday they'll only be one. Something else to keep in mind if you have friends or family out that way. There should really be a centralized location that tells you what time it is in all the different time zones 24 hours a day-so you know when not to call or text someone and disturb them. There you go phone manufacturers--a new idea!

We always talk about how we hope that the movement to do away completely with the time change nationwide will gain steam in Congress and we can actually get laws passed that keep us all on the same time all year round. Not sure if it'll ever happen but fingers crossed. In the mean time-enjoy your extra zzz's this Sunday!

Oh--and speaking of turning back time:

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