Dear Journal,

I can't believe my parents won't let me go up to my uncle's house on Friday by plane, train or bus. They say that I am too young to go up by myself. So I am going to be home on this lonely three day weekend. But tonight I am going to the Clackamas home game which the Home Coming game. Yesterday when I watched the JV team play a guy was hit so hard he had to have an ambulance come and get him. You should have seen the Clackamas coach explode. The ref made a bad call and he was furious. I was getting bored because nothing was happening. Until the final drive when the Cavs were down by a deuce and were on the one yard line. Jeff Haggard drove the ball but fumbled and Rex Putnam recovered and ran the clock out.

I have a feeling that game was a defensive battle without a lot of scoring. Which now I'm a fan of because I'm willing to give good defense its props. Oh, and yeah, I totally used the word "deuce" inside of saying "two."

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