We may not need any more restaurants here in Midland but we’re getting some whether we like it or not.


A man named Tony Fresca is opening up a restaurant in the former Wine Rack and Bill’s Bistro locations in Polo Park Shopping Center, 4610 N Garfield St. here in Midland called Librado (which means freed by the way).

He says the locations will be an upscale grill serving steaks and seafood, cocktails, beer and wine.  As much as I miss the Wine Rack I have to admit, it will be nice to have something give it a go in that location.


The Ox

Another bar? Heck why not!?! Francisco Gomez Castellanos’ is opening his bar, The Ox, in the former Elegance Ballroom also located in the Polo Park Shopping Center.  He says his location will not serve food and will operate only as a bar that will offer live music three times a week and is set to open in late July.


This all came about as a result of the passing of various planning and zoning permits which will also make it possible for some existing restaurants to make some much needed changes.


Bubba’s 33 is going to extend their roof over their patio….finally.  Sorry guys but how did you not know that was going to be something you absolutely had to do if you wanted people to sit out there? Especially in that location.


The Lost Cajun will be able to serve alcohol on its outdoor patio and Ohana Poke will be able to serve beer and wine on premises.


So really we’re only getting one new restaurant and one new bar so maybe we can still look forward to something OTHER than a bar or restaurant making a home here in Midland.


So what do you think about our new locations? Like, love, hate, indifferent? I personally am looking forward to checking out the bar, mostly because I like the name and I love live music!

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