A small dinosaur that is related to a big predator, this little guy was discovered decades ago and finally has a name. Over twenty years ago in the deserts of western New Mexico, paleontologists discovered the partial skeletons of two unknown dinosaurs. Now, decades later we know who those dinosaurs are related to. The dinosaur is small in stature, at only 3 feet tall but is related to Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dinosaur shown in plenty of movies as a terrifying predator. The T-Rex's cousin though doesn't instill the same fear as its cousin.

University of New Mexico Ph.D. Candidate Kat Schroeder told KRQE that its a "cute, fluffy baby T-Rex." Virginia Tech Geoscience professor Sterling Nesbitt was only 16 years old when he discovered the fossil remains. Nesbitt was participating in a dig in the Zuni Basin in western New Mexico when they found the remains that scientists say will help them gain insight into the evolution of the dinosaurs. Find out more information on the dinosaur discovery at Science News.

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