This episode of The After Buzz is dedicated to a good guy named Gary. Don't worry, I get into that right out of the gate on this episode. Here are the other topics covered, and be warned ***THERE ARE SPOILERS***

  • Tool has teased a new song, sort of. Adam Jones, the band's guitar player went to Instagram to play a new riff that we're hoping is new Tool. And they're also teasing that they'll play new music when they hit the road starting this weekend.
  • I have a theory in regards to Adam Warlock, and how he might help the Guardians of the Galaxy find Gamora.
  • When Arya killed the Night King in Game of Thrones, it seemed odd. How was she able to just walk up behind him with all those wights standings around? I have a theory about that too.
  • I talk about the time Wes Welker was high on Molly at the Kentucky Derby.
  • I have a new nickname, and it's Megalodon. And it came from my kid.
  • And finally, I read a couple of my 12 year old journal entries.

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