Dear Journal,

Today during eighth period, if you brought in a can of food, you got to go to gym to dance in one of the biggest line dances in the world. I turned in my business letter today. It only took me about twenty minutes to finish it. My Dad helped me save it and get into it but I did everything else. My basketball practice has been cancelled today. I don't know why, but an announcement during roll room said that there was no practice for Mr. Spooner's "B" one team. We didn't have school on Monday because it SNOWED. A snow ball fight at OSU got out of hand. It started with just a few kids and ended up having one hundred and twenty five on each team. Windows were broken and two kids were injured. At the bus stop, Scott Rhoten found snow in his neighbor's yard and took it to the bus stop.

So much to talk about, so little time. I think we were given about 10 minutes to write in the journal, and clearly I had a ton of things to talk about in this entry, but didn't have enough time to get to all of it. I do remember Scott showing up with that snow though. He was very proud of himself.

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