Dear Journal,

So my parents are back and they gave me a sweet shirt. I am wearing it right now! It says on the back Cheeseburger in Paradise. It is a Jimmy Buffett shirt from the shop called Margaritaville. Jimmy is my favorite singer. He sings songs like Jolly Mon, Take It Back, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Volcano, and Son of a Sailor. My favorites are Cheeseburger in Paradise and Take It Back. My parents went to his concert this year in August. The reason my parents got me this is because Jimmy spends most of his time in Key West, Florida, that is where my parents went. They saw a tavern that Jimmy uses in one of his songs, the tavern is named Captain Tony's. The song the bar is from is Last Mango in Paris. Last night the Chicago Bears lost to the Minnesota Vikings. My dad's beard is really neat. He grew it in Florida.

I sometimes forget just how much of my childhood involved Jimmy Buffett. We had his CDs on a damn loop in our house. Of course, I end up moving to Florida, and not liking it.

I also like the major turn this entry takes with the mention of the Bears/Vikings game, and then back to my dad's beard.


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