Here are five random statistics from a bunch of new Valentine's Day surveys and studies.

  1. Consider a double date on Valentine's Day. A new study out of Wayne State University in Michigan found double dates can strengthen your relationship because it helps you see your spouse in a different light.
  2. You would think people living alone would spend all their time naked, well a new survey found couples are more likely to walk around nude than single people. 45% of couples do it as opposed to 35% of single people.
  3. 10% of people are thinking of calling an ex on Valentine's Day.
  4. A new poll suggests your wife or girlfriend may want an appliance for Valentine's Day. But it helps to get the right one, a vacuum cleaner is not the one to get.  The poll states the most common appliance women want most are a juicer and a Keurig.
  5. A happy marriage gives you as much satisfaction as an extra $105,000-a-year in income.  Having a spouse die feels like losing $308,000-a-year.