Not only is this a story about stupid criminals, it is also a story of a stupid horny police officer off duty.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, 29-year-old Frankie Salazar, a police officer in Olmos Park, Texas, decided Saturday night that him and his friend, Jesus Edward Guitron would swap girlfriends for the night.

The two men have been discussing swapping girlfriends for several months and decided Saturday night was the night to finally go ahead with it.

So Guitron and his girlfriend went over to Salazar's place, and as Guitron's girlfriend walked toward the bedroom, Salazar followed her and started kissing her, but she pushed him away.

About that time Salazar's girlfriend showed up, but it turns out Salazar hadn't even told his girlfriend about the sex-swapping plan.

The whole incident erupted in a chaotic fight.

Police are not sure what happened next, but Guitron ended up taking three bullets to the chest and hands from Salazar's service revolver.

Guitron was rushed to the hospital and at last report was in critical condition.

Salazar was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.