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New Lice Law For Texas Schools Now in Effect
Head lice is a nightmare no parent or child ever wants to experience, yet it's a problem that persists in many schools every year. A new Texas law now determines what public elementary school nurses must do when they discover lice on a child.
Poodle Killed by Larger Dog in West Texas Petsmart
The owner of a poodle that was mauled by a larger dog in a Midland, TX Petsmart says she feels the company is doing nothing in response.
Liliana Vergara took her 13-year-old poodle Luna into a Midland Petsmart for grooming on May 12th...
Tornado Anniversaries
So two tragic tornado anniversaries happened yesterday, the one close to our part of the country in Saragosa, TX, an F4 that took the lives of 30 and injured 100 and the F5 tornado that devastated Joplin, MO, taking the lives of over 160 people...

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