These are some hall-of-fame criminals here.

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporterlast Friday afternoon security guards caught 26-year-old Cameron Beck, and 25-year-old Charlene Ellet shoplifting at a Walmart in Porter, Texas just outside of Houston.

When police searched them, they found a burnt light bulb and a cut pen which tested positive for meth.  So both were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and shoplifting.

Cameron and Charlene were locked up in adjoining cells, and while police were filling out their reports, they saw the two kissing through the bars.

The police asked them what was going on, and they explained that Charlene has a different father but the same mother, and ever since Cameron had gotten out of jail a few weeks prior, the two had been living together in a motel and having a sexual relationship.

But this is Texas, and what they failed to realize was that sexual contact is illegal between siblings or half-siblings, so both were hit with additional charges of prohibited sexual conduct.