Almost everyone has a tattoo so that means they are totally played out, right? Wrong.

According to Female First, a recent survey found 50% of single people still find tattoos hot and 35% of men say women with at least one tattoo tend to be more adventurous, compared to 25% of women who think men with tattoos are more fun to be with.

35% of women think the best spot a guy can have a tattoo is on his arm, back, or shoulder and 26% of guys say that women with a "tramp stamp" are much more sexy.

22% of guys also said the best place for a tattoo on women is on their butt.

What and where is a big factor for sexiness of a tattoo, 57% of men and 38% of women said they would not be comfortable with a tattoo on someone else that reminds them of that person's ex.

Across the board 80% of people said a large tattoo on the back of a thigh is NOT attractive.