Apparently this woman is so comfortable with her cocaine habit that she can actually forget about it, and her purse.

According to, a 20-year-old woman in Richmond Heights, Ohio went shopping at the Foot Locker in the mall and had her purse with cocaine inside.  After shopping for a bit, she left the store without it.

An employee found the purse, noticed the drug stash inside, and called police.

The woman realized she had left her purse and cocaine at the Foot Locker and went back to get it and was quickly arrested.

While police were escorting her out, they noticed her boyfriend was asleep in her car and it was parked in the fire lane, so they asked him to get out of the car and as he did, they saw him try to hide more cocaine.

He was arrested for resisting arrest, but not for drug possession, because his girlfriend said the cocaine was also hers.