Today is my birthday and all these years I thought I was one of a kind, but according to reports, I celebrate my birthday with more people in America than any other date.

The report comes form ABC News and reveals that the possible reason for October 5th being the most common birthdate is because the date of conception would fall on New Years Eve.

So to all of you out there celebrating your birthday today and around October 5th, you can now tell your parents you found out that more than the champagne cork was popping at the New Years Eve celebration that rang in the year you were born.

Just to cover the other side of the spectrum, the least common birthdate in America, besides the obvious date of February 29th, is May 22nd.

No reason was given to why May 22nd is the least common birthdate in America, but after going back 9 months from May it turns out that is August and with it being the hottest month of the year and the beginning of school, I conclude THAT is the reason and no one is in the baby making mood during that time.  But the few who are in the mood will have May babies.