Finding Dory is hitting theaters this weekend, so of course we had to do a Yes or BS for Pixar. And if you haven't seen the Pixar Theory, click here. If you are into Pixar at all, maybe you're into conspiracy theories, or just interesting theories in general, the Pixar Theory is worth checking out.

Now, time for Yes or BS:

  1. Finding Nemo is the highest grossing Pixar movie.
    1. BS - It's actually Toy Story 3 which made over $1 billion worldwide. Finding Nemo is second at $937 million. Frozen did make $1.2 billion, but Pixar didn't make Frozen.
  2. The LEAST successful Pixar movie still made over $300 million.
    1. Yes - The Good Dinosaur made $331 million worldwide. The only problem is it cost about $200 million to make and the marketing was another $150 million.
  3. The first Pixar movie was under two minutes, and came out in 1984.
    1. Yes - It's called The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. You can watch it here. The first feature film was Toy Story in 1995.
  4. Toy Story was almost called Toyz In the Hood.
    1. Yes - Toy Story was supposed to be just a working title. Some other names that were tossed around were Wind-Up Heroes, Some Assembly Required, and Made in Taiwan.
  5. Nemo has a cameo in Monsters Inc, even though it came out a year and a half before Finding Nemo did.
    1. Yes - There's a scene where the little girl hands Sully a Nemo doll. You can see it here.