So I don’t know if you’re aware, but I’m pretty much the songbird of my generation…I mean that’s what people say anyway.  I love to sing, LOVE IT! It’s what feeds my soul. Luckily I also happen to be pretty ok at it.


So it’s no surprise that I love me some karaoke! Karaoke is my favorite thing to do any day of the week no matter where I’m at whether I plan on singing or not…well if I’m at home it’s only fun to throw on the karaoke jams if I plan on tearn em up but you get what I’m saying.


As of late some friends and I have started making a regular thing out of Karaoke Tuesday nights at a local tavern not far from my domicile.  Not only is it my favorite kind of bar, a small dive of a place, but the karaoke DJ is my favorite and I personally think the best in this area.  I said karaoke DJ, not radio DJ. Obviously I am my favorite radio DJ  JK JK! Chris Brizzown on B93 is my favorite DJ in this area.  Why? Well cause he’s goofier than me, makes me feel better about being stricken with the blonde disease and it’s good to know not all ditzy blondes are female or blonde ;-)


Anyway, I’m learning that karaoke is fairly hard to come by nowadays in this area.  So I plan on doing some in depth research that I will later share with all of you, just in case you decide to come out and do some Billy Idol or Vanilla Ice.


Until then you can find me on Tuesday nights at “Your Place” bar off Wall Street with Ali, the Karaoke Goddess from 8-12!