WWE and New Day superstar Kofi Kingston called in to talk about the Book of Booty, how Francesca came to be and Mr. Bootyworth, the man behind the pancakes.  Kofi Kingston just celebrated last month his ten year anniversary with the WWE and called in to chat with Lisa Sanchez about his decade with the WWE and the amazing success of the New Day. Kofi also told us which of his epic Royal Rumble saves was the most difficult for him to pull off and gave credit to who he thinks really pulls those saves off. We've also seen some amazing merchandise for the New Day from the WWE at events, toy stores and more. From unicorn horns, Funk-O pops, their own Tag Team Championship belt and even Booty O's cereal New Day are all over the WWE. Kofi told us what we can expect next from the New Day and even told us to get ready for a new character, Mr. Bootyworth, the man behind the pancakes. Check out the interview above to hear more from New Day's Kofi Kingston.

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