Rescued Pugs Marry At Charity Gala
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Other than the using government funds part, I see no problems with this purchase. I'm more interested where she ordered the tux from.

A former Arkansas county employee plead guilty to misusing government funds after she purchased personal items that included a tuxedo for her pug. Kristi Goss was an administrative assistant to an Arkansas county official when she allegedly charged over $200,000 to a Garland County credit card for personal items. Some of the items she purchased with the credit card included sequined throw pillows, tickets to Arkansas Razorbacks games, a diamond bracelet, pet insurance and a custom tuxedo for his pet pug.

Goss plead guilty to fraudulent use of a credit card and will be sentenced on November 22nd.

While I agree that she should not have used government funds to make personal purchases, I do appreciate the fact that the tuxedo was a custom item so she made sure it would fit her pug. Also the pet insurance. That's dedication.

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