It's been about 10 years now that the zombie apocalypse has been 'mainstream'. Of course, the big spike in popularity can probably be directly linked to The Walking Dead, which premiered back in 2010. Well, the zombie apocalypse is not popular enough that 11% of people have some sort of plan if things were to ever go sideways on us. Well, at least 1 in 10 Brits have a plan. I'm not 100% sure about Americans because the study from YouGov was done by those who were probably a little more freaked out by 28 Days Later.

Here are some of the plans that people have in case of a zombie apocalypse:

  • 45% of people who have a plan said they would find a good place to hole, where it's hard for zombies to get to you.
  • 43% said gather supplies like food, water, and first aid stuff.
  • 29% would relocate, especially if they're in a big city with lots of potential zombies.
  • 23% said they'd find weapons. Of course in Texas, you should already have yours.
  • Just 15% would meet up with family members and close friends.
  • 13% of people would go Woody Harrelson and just start killing zombies. There was even a few psychos who said they'd kill survivors too. Negan...
  • And in a sign of people not trusting others, only 6% of people would ream up with other random survivors. There was even 9% of people who didn't want to share their plan.

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