You know what one of the toughest things about being a racist must be? People calling you a racist. Imagine being labeled with a such a hateful term just because it's true.

The following news story is about a guy in Liberty, Missouri who hung up the "Slaves for Sale" sign over the front of his garage. If you're a fan of Zeno's Paradoxes, you'll love this next part.

He said he only did it because he's tired of people always calling him a racist. Because of the big Confederate flag. Which he ALSO flies in front of his garage.

Believe it or not, that's not the most hilarious part of this story. They really buried the lead in this story and they don't even mention it. See if you can catch the part of this story about a poor, maligned racist that should have been the actual headline (HINT: it's when the guy himself appears on camera).

Did you catch it? If you said, "Gee, this small town bigot seems to be an amalgam of every single redneck character on South Park. "

  • Mullet? Check
  • Unfocused Anti-Government ranting? Check
  • Jorts? Check
  • Electronic Voice Box Machine? F***ING CHECK!

Did Voice-box Mullet Guy see the error of his ways? Will he take his offensive sign down? Honestly, I can't tell you because after he started talking I was laughing way to hard to hear the rest of what they were saying.

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