This happened in Vail, Colo., and it was all captured by the homeowner's security camera.

A large bear managed to get into a home. Thankfully, no one was home. If I were to guess what a bear would do if it ever got into a house I'd say...maybe eat their porridge? Break a chair? You know, get some payback.

Not this bear, though. He ransacked the kitchen, obviously looking for food. But then, he stands on his hind legs, pretty as you please, right in front of a piano. Then, he starts "playing". Seriously, he's standing up, his paws on the keyboard, looking right into the camera.

Then he wanders around the house some more. Clearly, he's looking for something edible. BUT...he comes back to the piano...not once, but two more times! It seems the bear is intrigued by the sound he's able to make and he wants to try to explore what's going on. Who knows? If he'd had a little more time maybe he'd have figured out "Chopsticks."

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