Our guest was/is going to be actor Crispin Glover. Depending on when you're reading this we're either expecting Crispin Glover to be kind of an oddball or, we've already done the interview and can confirm that he absolutely IS an oddball.

Crispin Glover is appearing Friday and Saturday at the Alamo Drafthouse where he will do a one-man show before screening parts 1 and 2 of his It trilogy of movies. There will also be a Q&A after the screening. The two movies in the It trilogy so far are very avant-garde. "Artsy," one might say. "Weird," others may say.

Interesting little show biz trivia: Crispin Glover and Nicolas Cage both made their acting debuts in a television pilot called The Best of Times in 1981. The show was a kind of teen drama/comedy/variety show. Oh, and it was maybe the most '80s thing ever made. The characters all had the same name as the actors that played them and Nic Cage was billed as Nicolas Coppola. It was just a few years before he changed his name to Cage.

Also, Jackie Mason is in it. It was never picked up. Be forewarned: this pilot is so '80s that it may cause your hair to spontaneously feather itself just from watching it.

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