There's a ton of rumors going around the internet about an Unsolved Mysteries reboot. Initially, like everyone else, I was really excited....Until I thought about it.

For one, everyone was super excited a few years ago because M. Night Shyamalan was supposed to be doing a Tales From the Crypt reboot. Where is it? It never happened and there were all kinds of "reliable" sources saying it was official. The same with Celebrity Deathmatch...Which would absolutely suck if it were remade today because everyone is so offended by everything. You can't remake a show in which the only purpose of the show to begin with was to offend people. They couldn't get away with 99% of the things they did then. (cont'd keep scrolling)

The main reason I'm not excited about an Unsolved Mysteries reboot is because Robert Stack WAS Unsolved Mysteries. The is no chance of replacing him. I dare ANYONE to come up with one single possible host who could fill those shoes.

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