This weekend in Austin one of my best friends and I were on the hunt for some gloriously, greasy Mexican food and I found myself wondering if I was missing something. I could just be bias but the Mexican food in Midland and Odessa is way better than what we found in Austin. Then again the first restaurant we went to was more of a Tex-Mex type of situation than just good ole down and dirty Mexican food but still guys what gives? It was a pretty pricey place too so it was more of the kind of place that basic white folks go when they want “authentic” Mexican food without having to go to an ACTUAL Mexican food joint. I bet you’re thinking….”ummm Tawny….. you do know you too are a white folk, right?”… Yeah man, I know but let’s be honest, we’re West Texans….being a West Texan means no matter what the color of your skin is, if you grew up around here you know what good Mexican food tastes like, and guess what? I do. It wasn’t that place we at on Friday night I can tell you that right now. We did however, find a damn good spot not far from our hotel that finally satiated my jonesing for some greasy goodness. Chekos at 1304 W Koenig Ln there in Austin did the trick but I have to admit I’m always disappointed in the salsa. It’s always bland and never hot. I’m more partial to Chile Macho than anything so maybe my taste buds are just all burned off. Either way the food was still very good and they had bottled Mexican cokes so we were some happy lil hungry girls!
I still want to know if there’s something I’m missing with this whole situation. Is this area the only area where the Mexican food tastes the way it does, spicy and delicious? Was I not googling the right thing to find what I was looking for? I would love to see you guys write up a “Midlanders Guide to Mexican Food in Austin TX”….. oh and one for San Antonio and Dallas too please, Thanks!

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