Every one has a favorite food, but is there a food you love so much you'd trade it for sex? I asked Doc Brown and he laughed and said "there is no food I'd trade for sex". I wonder if he thought I was asking if there was a scenario in which he  could trade some tacos for some taco? Because that's not what I meant, but I'll clear that up later. Anyway, for me if there was one food that I love so much I'd rather have it than good shagging it would be frozen custard. No, n t custard, I bet there are those of you who've never had frozen custard that are thinking of the stuff that's kindof like pudding , no, not that. If you've never had frozen custard my heart goes out to to because it's damn near better than sex...I said "near". It's like ice cream but not. Ice cream is made with  milk or cream or a combination of the two while frozen custard is made with milk, cream and egg yolks. Also the machine used to make ice cream incorporated a ton of air in the mixing which gives it a somewhat light fluffy texture. The machine used to make frozen custard uses almost no air which in turn makes it more dense and smooth. I f*cking LOVE frozen custard. There used to be a place here in Midland that sold it but it closed down years ago. Now if I want to add a billion calories to my daily intake I have to drive all the way to Lubbock. Yeah, it's pretty high in calories so maybe it's best I don't immediate access to it. It's the best thing I've ever put in my mouth guys, trust me.

Ok, I told you mine it's your turn to spill!

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