Yesterday our news and weather partner News West 9 ran a story on MPD announcing our new interim Chief Seth Herman.

He could be Jeremy Renners stunt double easy!
He could be Jeremy Renners stunt double easy!

The story was more informative for the community than it was anything.  There are no big changes in the way the department does things and certainly no changes that the people of Midland will notice due to the newly appointed interim Chief.  I may not have even read the story or watched the video had I not saw what interim Chief Herman looked like.

I like to credit myself with being able to see an actor/actress in a show or movie and recognize them immediately despite how different they may look for the role or how old the show or movie is.  Like when Doc Brown and I were watching Scarface at the part where Tony is sitting down with Suarez and Sosa being all cocky over stepping his boss and the phone rings and for just a second or two you see a shot of a guy in the window holding a phone sorta motioning to Sosa to take the call….well I knew with just that few seconds of scene that the man in the window was the guy that played Don Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad.  I like to think I’m super good at recognizing people not just in movies but in real life.  Sometimes I’ll see someone and say “hey that guy looks like Ben Affleck” and I’m usually spot on.  Well, as soon as I saw the new interim Chief Seth Herman I went…..HOLY HAWKEYE! That guy looks like Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in The Avengers….and Gamble in Swat for that matter….  Tell me he doesn’t?


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