With more Harvey Weinstein fallout and now other people are being accused (including 95-year-old former President Bush!) it's interesting to ask: is THIS sexual harassment?

Some of the things people are accused of are clearly harassment. If you pull your wiener out and block someone from leaving your hotel room, you're a harasser. But some of the allegations are a little more gray. Like the news anchor who said a director was creepy and made her feel uncomfortable. I'm not discounting how the person felt but isn't whether you find someone creepy pretty subjective? Getting hit on by a fat guy 30 years older than you might be creepy but getting hit on by Brad Pitt may not. It's up to you. So, here are some of the real scenarios from my life I've thrown out there and asked, "Is it sexual harassment"?

  • I ask someone on a date and they have a prior commitment but they DON'T say they're not interested at all. I ask them out again about 2 weeks later, they've got a prior commitment. If I ask her out a third time...is that sexual harassment?
  • If I meet a listener who says she's a BIG fan of the show and I try to use that to my advantage to get into her pants...is THAT sexual harassment?
  • The third date has gone well. I go in for a kiss...and she kisses back! Is there any way, at all, that I may have been sexually harassing her? I used to think I knew the answer to that question but now I'm honestly not so sure.

By the way, if I ever ask you to my hotel room and you're a female... I'm100% receptive to having sex with you. But I won't initiate touching or ask you to watch me do something naked and/or creepy. Is THAT sexual harassment? I'm not playing dumb here, either. I'm single and I'd really like to know for sure.

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