From now until Halloween, I'm going to share some of the folklore about weird or supernatural places in our listening area. Counting all the cities that the Buzz Adams Morning Show is heard in, it's effectively most of west Texas (we'll be there someday, Amarillo!).

We start in Midland with a creepy abandoned water park.

In 1980, Water Wonderland opened in Midland, Texas. It had slides, a wave pool and a miniature golf course. The park fell on some hard times in the 1990s, partially because of lawsuits and settlements from people who had gotten injured on the property. By 2003, Water Wonderland folded up for good. Since then, it's fallen into disrepair, become overgrown with weeds and exudes a general air of abandoned creepiness.

Oh, and there are snakes. Apparently, there's a thriving population of west Texas rattlers that have taken up residence.

Obviously, nobody's supposed to trespass on the property but people do anyway. We know this because of all the graffiti, both gang and penis-related. So if you ever do some "urban exploring" at Water Wonderland you may come face to face with some gang members or penis-drawers. Or penis-drawing gang members.

Experts say Water Wonderland is too far gone to be salvaged. As a WATER PARK, that is! I think some enterprising Midlander could turn this into a kick-ass Halloween Haunt. Just pay the taggers and junkies to put on some vampire fangs, give one of them a chainsaw and charge 30 bucks a pop to walk through. Maybe replace the rattlesnakes with harmless bull snakes.

Here's a drone flyover of the very creepy, very abandoned Water Wonderland. As you're watching this just imagine that it's at night and there are meth addicts dressed as clowns.

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