If you are wondering what is going on at Hwy 191 and Loop 250 in Midland with all the road construction and barricades being put up, here is what is happening.

TxDOT's website states that the relocation of ramps began on January 4, 2022. The project was supposed to begin in October but there was an error in the traffic control plans which pushed the reconstruction plans back to now.

The plan is to reverse the way the on and off-ramps are situated now. The ramp reversals will put the exit ramp where current on-ramps from the service road are and the on-ramps will be put where the exit ramps are now.

This is being done so traffic from the service roads stopped at traffic lights will not flow onto the main lanes of each highway causing stopped traffic on the main highway.

The reversal of ramps will also happen on Loop 250 at the interchange with 191 so not only is the improvements happening on Highway 191, but it will also be happening on Loop 250.

Not only will the exit and entrance ramps be reversed, but the service roads will also be improved and lanes will be added in some places.

The intersection of 191 and Avalon will also have improvements underneath the overpass.

TxDOT asks motorists to observe the slower speed limits as they approach the intersection and to be on the lookout for workers in the area.

It is going to be a mess for a while, but come the summer of 2023 when the project is completed, it will be well worth the added headache of the reconstruction process coming this year and the first half of 2023.

Midland's Loop 250 At Highway 191 - See How's Its Changed After 15 Years

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