There's a well of some kind in Crane County that's been spewing a Wish App snow storm since New Year’s Eve.  As you know I love my TikTok, more than that I love following people from my area. I came across this user a week or so ago and know very little about her or her content other than she's trying to get elected to the Texas Railroad Commission in March. She posted a few days ago about a well that was auditioning for an oil field Only Fans and it caught my's erupting is what I'm saying. It's making this ranchers land look like the Wish version and a white Christmas but from what she's been saying it could possibly be harmful to the well water.

I know next to nothing about how things like this work but I knew you guys would so I'm hoping some seasoned oil field vets jump in the comments to explain what's going on.

What I've heard her talk about is that it is unclear if this is an old oil test well or possibly a Brine Water well but that there are efforts being made to figure it out as we speak, and yes, it is still going in real time.  The location is off 329 East of Grandfalls.

Approximate area of blow out
Approximate area of blow out

I'm posting this around 4:30, Wednesday January 5th so there's a chance it's been fixed by the time you read this.

Again, can someone who knows about this kind of stuff explain what's happening? And why everyone in her comments are so up in arms about it? I'm asking genuinely, I'm not on any side and I'm in no way trying to talk crap or taunt either sides opinion.

I can only guess that if what's coming out is brine water mixed with other chemicals there could be a concern about how it will effect the plant life on the surface and the ground water underneath....right? Or is that a pipe to the secret underground mayonnaise mining well that's losing all it's inventory?

Oh and before I forget to give credit where credit is due theunicornlawyer on tiktok is where I got the screenshot. She's been taking drone footage and videos from her cell phone for the last few days so if you want to follow her I'm sure she's going to be posting updates ect... Here's one of the videos she posted of the blow out.

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